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About Newpro Asia Limited

About Newpro Asia Limited

Newpro Asia Limited is specialized in sourcing, design, production and export of items. Our offices are located in Shanghai with a team of 50 people dedicated to provide the best service: 


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Comprehensive product services


Design and market intelligence

Factory audit, quality control, quality assurance

Human rights compliance at China factories

Corporate social responsability

The company has a liaison office located in the heart of Europe.

EUROPRO SA  is located in Brussels with a team of designers, trend analysts and account managers.

Newpro Asia Limited is part of the SMERWICK GROUP, one of the leading group in Asia sourcing, manufacturing, exporting and supply chain in Asia (Turnover 100M USD) for more than 30 years.

Newpro Asia Limited is working with key leaders of several industries. We work to build partnership with our clients

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